About a Bugg

Bugg was born in the Autumn of 1990. She is passionate about animal welfare and sustainability, but also retains a certain fondness for her fellow human beings, as she understands that none of us are perfect and we all deserve to be happy.


2017 (5)
”Bugg, trying (and failing) to not resemble a hipster.”

Hi. I’m Bugg. 🙂

I enjoy playing video games, reading, being arty, spending time in the sunshine and drinking tea. I do more than that, but those are my favourites.

I’ve recently decided to re-embark on a vegan adventure. Since I’m rather new to it all I thought it might be nice to try and document my progress, thoughts, challenges, struggles and achievements along the way.

Vegetarian since early 2014.

First Vegan attempt: May 2014 – December 2014. Fell off the wagon through stressing over nutrition and starting university.

Second vegan attempt from 10th April 2017.

What makes this time different? Uni’s nearly over and the guilt of not being vegan is haunting me tenfold.

This is starting to sound like a CV, I’m gonna leave the rest to the blog posts.