Sainsbury’s Vegan White Chocolate Easter Egg

So this. This was an excellent decision. If you remember Caramac bars, the old Caramac bars, before the company was taken over and they changed the recipe, if you remember and love the old Caramac bars, then you’ll love this. I’m aware I’m posting this on Easter and it’s unlikely these will be in stock now until next year, but it tastes so good I can’t not write a review. Plus, I’m really hoping Sainsburys will continue to stock bars of vegan white chocolate.

The egg isn’t huge, with the pack weighing in at 65g, and it’s expensive at £2.50. I don’t mind though, it’s an Easter treat and it’s nice to not miss out on the festivities.

The chocolate is creamy. I’ve had other vegan white chocolate in the past and the texture was a bit ‘plastic-y’, or powdery, but not this. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this one. I find regular dairy white chocolate to be a bit sickly sweet, however I thought this egg was a little less so, which I enjoyed.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Inulin, Maltodextrin, Maize Flour, Coconut Oil, Soya Lecithin, Flavourings. (The box states flavorings are from natural sources.)

All in all a great vegan Easter egg. I hope I can get one next year too!

Note: Sainsburys do sell other free from chocolate bars and these are much more reasonably priced at £1.00 per 100g.


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