Bugg’s Vegan Adventure – Phasing In

So this is it, the first blog post. Not only am I pretty new to being vegan, I’m also new to blogging, so please bear with me.

I’m Bugg. I’m currently vegetarian. I’m also trying my very best to be a good Buddhist.Ā For a little more info about me head to the ‘About a Bugg’ page. šŸ™‚

Right. Well. The Vegan Adventure.

Right now, technically, I’m not vegan, not yet.
I hate waste and so I’m using up what I have in first (precisely 4 eggs from the local farm, some organic feta, organic butter and quorn/frozen veggie bits and bobs.. for the food anyway. I’m going to gradually phase into vegan cosmetics and shower/cleaning over a longer period, as I find it a tad overwhelming to face everything all at once).

I have tried living a vegan lifestyle before, back in 2014, and it went alright, but at the time I was still new to being vegetarian and still had a lot to learn about nutrition. Long story short I got scared of deficiencies, started university, got stressed and went back to vegetarian. Since then I’ve striven to eat only organic dairy and eggs sourced from our local (and very lovely) farm, however the guiltĀ over my lifestyle choices is seeping back in and I’m feeling much more up to the challenge of changing my diet, and my life, for good. I’m also more confident to deal with the inevitable questioning from friends and family.

As mentioned on my little about me page, I’d like to try andĀ document my progress, thoughts, challenges, struggles and achievements along the way. I’ll try and post regularly, but I have what could be considered possibly the worlds worst memory, plus I’m not even sure yet if anyone will be interested to read this in any case. I shall do my best.

My hope is to be as honest as possible about my experiences, good or bad, maybe help others thinking of becoming vegan, and perhaps even inspire a few people too. Who knows.

So for now I’m gonna keep looking forward to the first day of officially becoming ‘a vegan’, it’s a little while off for now, but starting today I’m certainly going to try and avoid buying anything else that conflicts with my beliefs.

A final note: I used to be wary of the ‘vegan’ label, socially. There can be a lot of stigma that vegans are are mean and judgmental, and sometimes that is true. But sometimes vegetarians or those who eat meat can also be not-so-pleasant. After meeting numerous vegans I can confidently conclude that the vegan stereotype is not a one-size-fits-all; vegans can be lovely (and not all that crazy) people too, and definitely don’t deserve all the hate.
A message to the less friendly vegans out there: Please stop hating everyone and perhaps everyone will stop hating you. A little bit of patience and understanding can go a long way. ā¤




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